The Story of Jesus

Zach Rallo, Director of Youth Ministries, shares God's Word about the overarching story of Jesus in the Bible based on Hebrews 1:1-5, 8-13.

The Story of Israel

In this series, we trace the big story of the Bible from cover to cover. This sermon examines the story of Israel using 1 Peter 2:9-10 as our launching pad.

Can You Hear Him?

Our dog Moose has great ears. They are big and floppy, and he loves it when we rub them. When Moose was just a tiny pup and still with his littermates, one of the other puppies bit off a sizable piece of Moose’s right ear. Originally, all the litter was named after fish (for example, there was Puffer, Trout, Bass, Pickerel and so forth). We’re not sure which of the hooligans took a chomp out of Moose’s ear, but I always thought Shark looked awfully guilty. But in spite of the injury, Moose still has great ears. If a car door closes outside, Moose hears it. If someone drops a piece of food on the floor, Moose hears it. If someone knocks gently on the front door, Moose hears it and lets us know instantly. In fact, he hears everything, except when we ask him to do something he doesn’t

Reminders of God

Back in the day, Mars Hill Graduate School had a journal (I guess I also ought to add that back in the day Mars Hill had a graduate school, but that is a different story). And it was a great journal, filled with interesting articles, great discussions about movies and literature, and lots of poetry (I can’t tell you how I wished I understood poetry, all those beautiful words written so flowingly, all signs of a bright and gifted mind, supposedly). But the one section that always caught my attention was the section entitled, “Reminders of God.” In it, the authors would discuss finding God in the most unlikely of places: in secular movies and books, in modern art, in heartbreaking human events and in a hundred other places where discerning any trace of God would seem quite unlikely. But he was there for anyone with eyes to see. But

2016 Outdoor Service

The 2016 edition of our annual outdoor service went off without a hitch today. With a cool breeze to keep the heat at bay we worshipped together, followed up by a great cookout. Check out some of the pictures below.

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