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LIFE, FAMILY, CHURCH AND . . . FLOOR HOCKEY It's a funny thing . . . the floor hockey event. . . . We've been going since James and I were engaged (I remember sending the death stare to his ex-girlfriend, lol).  I've carted infant car seats and toddlers. . . . I've waddled in very pregnant...  There has always been excitement on years where one of the kids gets to play for the first time.   I've bumped into old school friends and always take the time to haunt the hallways of my old high school.  I sit on the steps in the exact same spot where James and I had our first really deep conversation. You wouldn't expect a thing as trivial as floor hockey to be such a marker in time, but that's exactly what it has become.  I love nostalgia.  My kids prioritize floor hockey night,

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