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A House Filled with Glory

The New Year is an opportunity. Our hearts and minds are pointed towards the future, and we have a chance to set goals that are good and wise. 2,500 years ago, the nation of Judah had an opportunity, an opportunity to start anew after the walls of Jerusalem had been torn to the ground, the grand temple of God had been ravished, and they had been carried away into exile in Babylon. It was an opportunity to trust the Lord like they had not had since the time of King David. They were coming home. The prophet Haggai is the first person to speak with God's voice to the nation since their return home, and his message about the misplaced priorities of the people is a vital one for the Church today as we evaluate our own priorities and the desires of our hearts. We are pleased to have our

Who Are You?

I remember my first day of high school like it was yesterday. I remember the chill in the air as I stood at the bus stop, waiting in silence with three or four other kids. I remember feeling lost as I stepped into a building that would occupy my days for the next four years. I remember the first words spoken to me, as I stepped hesitantly into what I thought was the classroom I belonged in: “Who are you?” I remember the first huddle of fellow students I approached. Who are you? I remember the questioning glances and puzzled expressions. Who are you? I remember a single thought, bouncing around in my head and seeming to constrict my heart with its existential urgency. Who are you? Sometimes, we forget what it’s like to wonder about our own identity. After all, we have jobs. We have families. We have responsibilities

The Story of Jesus

Zach Rallo, Director of Youth Ministries, shares God's Word about the overarching story of Jesus in the Bible based on Hebrews 1:1-5, 8-13.

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