It’s a funny thing . . . the floor hockey event. . . . We’ve been going since James and I were engaged (I remember sending the death stare to his ex-girlfriend, lol).  I’ve carted infant car seats and toddlers. . . . I’ve waddled in very pregnant…  There has always been excitement on years where one of the kids gets to play for the first time.   I’ve bumped into old school friends and always take the time to haunt the hallways of my old high school.  I sit on the steps in the exact same spot where James and I had our first really deep conversation. You wouldn’t expect a thing as trivial as floor hockey to be such a marker in time, but that’s exactly what it has become.  I love nostalgia.  My kids prioritize floor hockey night, even the one who doesn’t play is happy to perch on the stage with me and just watch.

15 years ago (is that right?) we chose to attend River’s Edge because Dane was the teacher there.  We drive by at least two or three great churches to get to this ONE.  The music team is incredibly important to me, as it is the only place I make time to play my violin.  These days, our kids are coming of age, and the role of the church in our life is changing.  I’m looking at RE through the lens of a mother.  I’m finding a place where my kids can learn to serve and volunteer. You’ll notice I usually have at least one child that doesn’t belong to me on a Sunday morning – and that tells me that my kids feel comfortable enough with our church family to “risk” inviting their friends.  Zach is doing a fantastic job with the youth, which is particularly meaningful to Julia.  And a good sermon brings good conversations on the car ride home.

To get through a “normal” week at our house, the strategy is “divide and conquer.”  There are three drivers, three vehicles, and at least five places to be on a given day, in different configurations.  Boy Scouts, various youth groups, all three girls to Girl Scouts, Venture Crew, racing in Charlotte, Jessica to work . . . literally, a symphony of chaos. River’s Edge is the ONE consistent thing on our calendar that we all do TOGETHER.  I mean, dinnertime and holidays usually find the seven of us in the same place at the same time, but River’s Edge is where we are ALL supposed to be as a family.  The nature of a church is to bring people closer to God. River’s Edge has guided us.  Loved us.  Prayed for us.  Made dinners for us.  Cried with us.  Worshiped with us.  Hugged us.  I can’t imagine what our family would be like without the influence of our church. . . .

I’m also grateful for the less-obvious “churchy” things like the chair cushions, the person that pulls my music on Wednesday nights, the playground, the Chinese friends who read the Scriptures on Sunday mornings (reading the Bible out loud in a foreign language in front of a big group of people??? Amazing!!!), Dane always meeting Jess and I in hospitals, the unbelievably thought-provoking questions and observations in counseling, Betty’s warm hugs, the mothers that let me hold their babies, candlelit Christmas Eve’s, Dan’s belly laughs during the service, and – of course – those annual floor hockey nights.  I love River’s Edge.  It feels like home.


Becky’s “I Spy” Riddle on the January 2017 floor hockey night. . . .

I spy kids with their dads,

a bunch of old Flames,

a cowgirl in boots,

and some serious game.

There’s a dude on the floor,

a bearded man,

the awesome Ms. Jo,

and a big Bruins fan.