Joining hands in community

If you’re interested in volunteering for any of these positions, feel free to start a conversation with the contact person listed.

Decorates our worship space to help create an atmosphere conducive to worshipping God with all of our senses and with aesthetic beauty.  Contact: Beth Wartman (
Prepares the Community Center main hall for our worship services (sets up chairs, makes coffee, prepares the snack tables, places signs on doors, and takes supplies to the children’s ministry rooms, etc.) Contact: Beth Wartman (
Returns the Community Center main hall to its original state (puts away chairs, cleans up the snack tables and coffee, stores all signs and supplies, sweeps the floor, empties the trash, etc.) Contact: Beth Wartman (
Contact:  Josh & Carla Godman (
Volunteers help provide refreshments at the end of our worship service to help us engage in fellowship and encouragement together.  Contact: Beth Wartman (
Contact:  John Martinson & Jo Lewis (

Prayer Team

This team commits themselves to pray regularly for the needs of our congregation, as well as additional prayer requests that we receive.

Contact: Jo Lewis (

Caring Meals

As a tangible reminder of God´s provision for our needs, we prepare meals for those going through difficult times or transitions, such as prolonged illness, surgery, or adjusting to life with a new baby, etc. 

Contact: Jo Lewis (