Stories From the Heart

Ally’s Story

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I am Ally Wang, a [Chinese] visiting scholar in UMBC. Through an email from Chris and Debbie, I came to know your church. I still remember that in my first reply to the email, I cast him lots of questions, such as even, “where is the church? How far is

Lily’s Story

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My First Experience Volunteering in America (Day of Hope) zōng-yàn lǐ (Lily) Today was a very important day for me. While I am not quite sure how much this will affect my life in the future, right now, I am very very happy, very very satisfied. Churches, government agencies and

Jane’s Story

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My story begins with a cookout. You have to understand that at the time I had been on a self-initiated break from attending church anywhere. That’s not to say that I was against church. Not at all. I had been going to church my entire life. But something had happened

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