Wrestling with God Like Job

This sermon is based on Job 42:1-9. You can also view each week's sermon/worship service on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ncsq_QNvCv61bIwKUpP5A SERIES OVERVIEW: Jacob in the Bible was a schemer, a swindler, a screw-up and a pretty shameful sinner; but somehow, he ended up as a patriarch and the father of the twelve tribes (it’s a mystery!). In any case, Jacob did one good thing (he asked his brother to forgive him) and one great thing—he wrestled with God. In that, Jacob was not alone. After all, Job wrestled with God and the teacher in Ecclesiastes wrestled with God and Hannah wrestled with God and Abraham wrestled with God (and there are more besides this). Now, contending with God doesn’t sound like a good idea, but as strange as it sounds, God invites us to wrestle with him with our hearts in the balance. That’s right, you’ve been invited to a skirmish.

Impossible Questions, Part 4–Job’s Job: The Limn

Director’s Note: Last week, for your consideration into why God allows suffering (and as part of our on-going series of impossible questions), I submitted a rather quick overview of the book of Job. Since Job’s job is to make things clear, I thought it would help. Apparently, it didn’t. For most of us, even after my blog, Job remains rather enigmatic. So today, to help clear things up from last week, we offer Job’s Job: The Limn. It’s like a Broadway play without the broadways. So, sit back and read the script in different voices and be introduced to all sorts of wonderful characters (15 of them, by my count) and enjoy Job like never before. Welcome to the River’s Edge production of Job’s Job: The Limn! Please note: Job’s Job was first performed at the Edge on a Friday night not so long ago. Anything that doesn’t strike you

Impossible Questions, Part 3: Job’s Job

When I was a kid, I loved watching The Wild, Wild West. It was everything I wanted in a TV show. It was a horse-riding-western featuring a gadget-toting secret-agent man set in a mission-impossible, cliff-hanger motif with a cool theme song. When the network cancelled it, I was crushed. I even recorded the theme song from the very last episode ever (using my Craig recorder with the cool stick-shift control) so that I would never forget it. I was also proud of myself. While the rest of the world would soon forget the melody, I would be able to hum it on cue (and I heard the girls were really into guys who could hum TV theme songs! (Fun Takeaway #1 for those interested – they were lying!). And then exactly one week later (same bat time, same bat channel), there was The Wild, Wild West on my TV! I

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