Brightest and Best

Let’s play Ranker! Here are ten items. They all describe horrible things that could wake someone up. Rank them from bad (#10) to the very worst (#1): ___ a crying baby ___ an airhorn ___ gun shots ___ the fire alarm ___ kids fighting ___ neighbor mowing their lawn ___ cat coughing up hairballs ___ someone knocking on the front door ___ a neighbor’s car alarm ___ someone vomiting Ranker is a great website, not because they do great journalistic work (because they don’t do anything close to what anyone would call reporting), but because they create controversy. That’s right. Their whole business model is to make statements so that people can fight over it. See, I would argue that a fire alarm is the worst interruption to sleep imaginable, followed closely by someone knocking on the front door. Now, parents, for no good reason whatsoever, would probably argue that