Meaningful Conversations

This sermon is based on Ephesians 4:29. SERIES OVERVIEW: Once upon a time there was a church that changed the world, but that was a long time ago. It was a church characterized by love, by unity, by compassion, by prayer and by social engagement. It was the place where God’s grace was always on display and quite tangible. Today, church is different. Shane Claiborne once said, “The church is like Noah’s ark. It stinks; but if you get out of it, you’ll drown.” I think many people would agree. We need the church, but it’s hard to love the church. How did we get so far off track? More importantly, how can we rediscover those principles that made the New Testament church so vibrant and alive? REthinking Church asks us as a church to evaluate our spiritual health and hopefully will give us a vision to hear God’s call anew to be his people, his church in our

Listening to the Other

Ephesians 4:29 gives us great guidelines for when to speak and when to listen, as well as a solid treatment of the often-misunderstood concept of what is meant by "wholesome talk" as opposed to "unwholesome talk." It's all part of learning to embrace The Other Approach. To hear the accompanying “Out on a Limn” and to learn more about this part of our worship, click here.

Out on a Limn, February 5, 2017

This portion of our worship service called “Out on a Limn*” is designed to give a “visual or practical application” of our main theme for a particular worship service. This “Limn” was part of our series, The Other Approach, and you can listen to the accompanying sermon, “Listening to the Other,” by clicking here.   *limn–to depict or illustrate visually or in words

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