This sermon is based on Exodus 2:5-10, 23-25. SERIES OVERVIEW: The Exodus contains the stuff Hollywood moguls can only dream of (see DeMille’s The Ten Commandments; no, literally, see DeMille’s The Ten Commandments). You have a strong leading man who comes from nowhere to rescue his people and become the greatest leader of his people. Plus, he’s not squeaky clean (he did murder someone, but don’t we all have a few skeletons in our closets). You have a great villain who seems invincible (but he can’t grow hair). You have a desperate situation with pain and misery. You have strong women who save the day (Yeah, women!). You have miracles; and just like in all great movies, the villain arises from his defeat for one last deadly encounter (but this time, it’s personal!). And I haven’t even mentioned the plagues (sure, Ebola or the Black Death are bad, but how