God Created the Universe Because He Wanted to be Known

We welcome Rev. Dave Shive as our guest speaker to share this two-part series. This sermon is based on Psalm 19:1-6. SERIES OVERVIEW: Ever wonder why God chose to create the universe? The answer wasn’t because of His need. This is way too anthropological, but it may get the point across: The trinity, dwelling together within the Godhead, enjoyed a perfect existence – perfect in love, perfect in joy, perfect in communion, and perfect in every other virtue. But while God didn’t need to create, he chose to do so. And therefore, creation must have arisen because of something God values. And therefore, answering the question, ‘Why did God create the universe?’ may be one the most important issues that confronts us. This is partly because it leads us to another critical question: “Who is this God who chose to create?” In this two-part series, Dave Shive will take us