Rooted in Struggle

This sermon is based on Genesis 32:22-30. SERIES OVERVIEW: Elie Wiesel once remarked, “God made man because He loves stories.” When you think of all the stories in the Bible, you may be convinced that Wiesel is absolutely right. There are stories everywhere in the Bible! There are stories about sin, about grace, about faith, about a lack of faith, about courage and hope and heartbreak There are origin stories, war stories, love stories, disturbing stories, and funny stories. There are stories about heroes and failures, about kings and ordinary people, about men and women and stories about good and evil. And that barely scratches the surface because the Bible is filled with stories. In fact, the Bible would be a very short book if it wasn’t for its stories. But these are not just entertaining tales. Most, if not all, of the stories in the Bible speak to who we