John and Glory (But It Is Not Surrounding the Shepherds)

This sermon is based on John 1:14. You can also view each week's sermon/worship service on our YouTube Channel during the weeks we cannot meet due to Covid-19 restrictions: SERIES OVERVIEW: There is no Mary or Joseph, and there is no Zechariah or Elizabeth. There is no Gabriel making birth announcements, no angel telling good news, and there are no angels singing. In fact, there are no angels, not even one. But it gets worse. There is no virgin. There are no miracle pregnancies, and there are no songs of praise. There is no decree. No Bethlehem. No manger. There is no star in the sky, no Magi from the east and no shepherds in their fields. There is no baby, no strips of cloth and no lying in a manger; which means no gold, frankincense or myrrh. No, nada, nothing. And if there wasn’t any of that, there surely wouldn’t

Getting a Handle on the Temple

This sermon is based on John 1:14. SERIES OVERVIEW: When I was a kid, I wanted to be a lawyer, not because I was consumed with justice or anything like that, I just liked saying, “I object.” And I thought it would be great fun getting paid for objecting to everything people said. Lots of people object to the claim that Jesus is the Messiah. They object to the use of Old Testament prophecies that may or may not refer to Jesus (like the Suffering Servant in Isaiah 53) and the use of verses that seem to be taken out of context (“Out of Egypt I called my son” comes to mind) and references in the New Testament that seem to be forced (take your pick here!). As a result, people object strenuously to the claim that Jesus is the Messiah. But, I object! We’re missing a key piece of

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