Running Off

This sermon discusses Jonah's request that the sailors throw him overboard in order to calm the storm, as well as the remarkable indication of the sailors' faith, based on Jonah 1:8-17. I can remember the first time I heard the story of Jonah.  After I heard the story, I didn’t go swimming for weeks. Oh, wait that was Jaws.  Now, I remember the story.  The whale ate Jonah, and he became a real boy.  Oh wait, that was Pinocchio.  Maybe I don’t remember the real story of Jonah as well as I thought!  All I have is images of the Veggietales version with Archibald Asparagus as Jonah (I would have gone with Bob the Cucumber myself).  And I bet I am not alone.  Ask anyone—they would tell you that Jonah is a fish story and one that is very hard to swallow, at that!  And as a result, we just don’t take these forty-eight