Following Jesus into Justice

This sermon is based on Mark 10:35-37, 41-45. SERIES OVERVIEW: There are certain things you just don’t do. For instance, you should never insult an alligator until after you have crossed the river. That’s really good advice. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus presents a compelling and comprehensive vision of the kingdom of God, but oftentimes we ignore that and embrace a much easier and more convenient truncated version. But there are certain things you just don’t do. If you would never go out on a big date without first brushing your teeth, then why would you claim Jesus and not live out all of his kingdom essentials? So, what are these essentials and how should we put them into practice today? Those are the questions we want to address in this seven-part series we have entitled, “Kingdom Essentials.” If you would never go to a gala ball barefoot, then my guess

Waiting for the Kingdom

This sermon is based on Isaiah 65:17-19 and James 5:7-8. SERIES OVERVIEW: Christmas is a time of waiting. It’s a time of anticipation and hopes and dreams. Everyone loves waiting for Christmas. Life is also a time of waiting. But this waiting is a time of delay and fear and doubt and uncertainty. Everyone hates that kind of waiting. Ask anyone: waiting is the worst. But strangely enough, most of the Bible focuses on people who were up to their necks in waiting. People waited for children, for deliverance, for a land, for peace, for justice, for God’s kingdom, for a ray of hope, for restoration, for the Messiah, for forgiveness, for promises to be fulfilled and even for God. And most of those people hated waiting just like we do. Here’s the thing: most of the time, we see absolutely no value in waiting; but most of the time, God sees huge value in waiting. Not because he delights

The Kingdom of the Son

This sermon is based on Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14 and concludes our Easter series on "The Path Jesus Chose."

A New Allegiance

Being made new in Christ gives us a new allegiance to God's kingdom based on Mark 12:13-17.