Let Me Put You in a Story

Someday, I hope to write something, not because I am a good writer or because I have something to say, but because quotes about the power of stories make me break out in fits of writing.  Before you read the following quotes, maybe you ought to get a pen and some paper, just in case. Here are seven great quotes about the power of stories:   “Story, as it turns out, was crucial to our evolution -- more so than opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs let us hang on; story told us what to hang on to.” -- Lisa Cron “The shortest distance between a human being and the truth is a story.” -- Anthony de Mello “We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.” -- Jonathan Gottschall “Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom;

Evangelism: Don’t Try to Do It Alone

Let’s play “pick a quote, any quote,” and today’s topic is: “The church.” "Most of us spend the first six days of each week sowing wild oats; then, we go to church on Sunday and pray for a crop failure." – Fred Allen “I believe in going to church every Sunday . . . unless there's a game on.” -- Steve Martin “I thought lacrosse was what you find in la church.” – Robin Williams "Most people have some sort of religion—at least they know which church they're staying away from." -- John Erskine “By the time we get to church, I need church cuz I've been yelled at by everyone in the family.” – Jeff Foxworthy "Too many church services start at eleven sharp and end at twelve dull." – Vance Havner Today, we want to discuss Brad Kallenberg’s book, Live to Tell: Evangelism for a Postmodern Age (2002

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