Of Rebels and Wild Rides

Does history shapes who we are?  I want to think so, but my inclination today is that when we want it to, it doesn’t, but (and here’s the kick in the pants) when we don’t want it to affect us, it does.  Here’s the history I want to shape me.  Not surprisingly, it’s from Paul Revere and the American Revolution.  For those who don’t know, on “April 18 in 1775” (“hardly a man is now alive”), Paul Revere set off on his historic ride to my hometown.  His goal was to warn the minutemen in Lexington and Concord that the regulars were coming to steal their military supplies and arrest Hancock and Adams (they were busy keeping a low profile in a tavern in Lexington – you know that Sam Adams!).  If you know the poem (“Listen my children and you shall hear. . . .”), you get the feeling