The Unseen Servant, Part 3: The New Testament Servant

Here’s a truism: It’s not only what you say, but it is what you do with it. See, I could talk about clocks and tsunamis and being superstitious and about selfies and you would not be impressed at all, and rightly so. But look at these brilliant calligrams by Ji Lee from Designwrld (again these are copywritten, so be sure to give credit where credit is due, and for these designs, there ought to be great credit given!). Instead of talking clocks, let’s talk. . . . And instead of trying to define a tsunami to someone, all we have to do is show them this. . . . Are you superstitious? Here’s a perfect way to picture that attitude. . . . And instead of interrupting a conversation to tell everyone you want to take a selfie, simply show them this calligram. . . .  See, it’s not only