A Weekly Visit to China with Chris and Debbie

Most of us know that Chris and Debbie work hard, but only a handful probably know that they spend a good portion of their days each week “in” China.  Perhaps that’s not literally true, but it is close enough.  Each week, Chris and Debbie lead three different Bible studies over the internet with some Chinese friends.  It’s an amazing ministry, and we thought you would like to know more about it.  Consider this a blog in an interview format (and we will switch roles here – Dane's questions, like Mao, will be red; and Chris and Debbie’s responses will be in traditional American font! Obviously, you still have a huge heart for your homeland, but going to China every year is both expensive and draining.  What are you doing to reach out to your friends in China with the good news of Jesus? We have several small groups studying the