Not Your Typical Sword Drill

When I was a kid, we had Sword Drills. I’m guessing some of you did, too.  While seated, you put one hand on the front cover of your Bible and one hand on the back. Someone called out a Bible reference (for example, John 3:16) and then shouted, “Go!” And the race was on! To win, all you had to do is find the verse, stand up, read it and then give a snide, self-righteous look at the other kids who, for some reason, opened to Obadiah and got majorly lost in the minor prophets. So, let’s have a Sword Drill. Get a Bible and get ready. In just a second, I’ll give you three references. When I say, “Go,” you must find the first one, read it; move on to the second, read it; and then go to the third, read it and say, “Done.” If you can do