This second sermon in the series introduces the acrostic "LEAPS" as a way to understand our "everyday mission" and is based on Psalm 108:1-5. L - Live as light E - Engage in what God is doing A - Align with God's Kingdom purposes P - Pray for God's glory S - Share with others about God's Kingdom reign SERIES OVERVIEW: From day one we’ve said that missions are at the heart of our church. And you can see all sorts of ways this idea has shaped our church (the budget, missionary updates, missions conferences, short-term mission trips, international ministries, etc.). But how does it shape us? How should we be different? I would argue that it should change us leaps and bounds (but more on “leaps” later).  After all, it changed me. I used to HATE missions. I used to think missions were boring (and missionaries were even worse than that). And then a funny thing happened. I went on a mission