Lengthening Lent

There are a lot of weird words out there; and apparently, I don’t know how to define them. How about you? Take your shot at defining these six words: Borborygmus Gobemouche Entomophagy Hoddy-noddy Rawky Sternutator See how you did: Borborygmus: This is a rumbling or gurgling noise in the intestines (Who knew it had a name and that the name was worse than the actual sound?) Gobemouche: A gullible or credulous listener (All it would take is to be called a gobemouche once, and I would never be a gullible or credulous listener again!) Entomophagy: The eating of insects, especially by people (I bet entomophagy causes borborygmus!) Hoddy-noddy: A foolish person (not to be confused with hotsy-totsy or hoity-toity!) Rawky: Foggy, damp and cold (It sounds awful because it is!) Sternutator: Something that causes sneezing (I think the Sternutator was in the last Terminator movie I saw). Here’s what brought